Views of the Child Interviews

A Views of the Child Interview is more involved than a Hear the Child Interview. In addition to gathering and reporting the child’s views on issues that affect the child, I provide my professional opinion with regard to specific issues.

The issues I am most often asked to give an opinion on are:  

  • Is the child resistant to spending time with one parent?
  • If the child is resistant to spending time with one parent, what issues, circumstances, and behaviors are contributing to this resistance?
  • Has the child been influenced with regard to the views they express?
  • Does the child understand the implications of the views they express?

To prepare Views of the Child Reports, I meet with your child for two interviews, a few days apart.  Each interview lasts for 45 to 60 minutes. 

The Views of the Child Report I prepare is comprised of a transcribed copy of both interviews and a written opinion on each question that I am asked to provide an opinion on.  The Views of the Child Report falls under Section 211 of the Family Law Act.

I DO NOT prepare Needs of the Child Assessment Reports.  This report also falls under Section 211 but is much more comprehensive.  It requires the writer to gather more in-depth information with regard to the child and family and to provide an opinion on each parent’s ability to meet the child’s needs, as well as recommendations for a parenting plan.

I prepare Views of the Child Reports only for parties who have legal representation and who are committed to having legal representation throughout the entire process.

If you are seeking a Views of the Child Interview, please ask your lawyer to contact me to arrangement for this report.

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