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End Your Struggle. Heal Your Pain. Reach Your True Potential.
I am a Compassionate and Skilled Therapist offering services for Individuals and Couples from my Kelowna office

As an individual, you may be seeking therapy because:

You suffer from worry, fear and anxiety. You can’t turn it off.

You lack energy. You might be lacking motivation. Perhaps you’re depressed.

You’ve experienced a traumatic event. It’s left you feeling scared, reactive, in pain, and struggling to function.

You’ve experienced a loss. You’re having a hard time finding your way.

You’re afraid that life is passing you by. You haven’t fulfilled your hopes and dreams.

You’ve had a series of difficult or painful relationships. You want to break this pattern once and for all.

Old history has you reacting or dealing with life in ways that hurt you or others.

As a couple, you may be seeking therapy because:

You face constant stress and strife in your relationship.

There is a cold icy distance between you and your partner.

The passion has diminished or disappeared. You desperately want it back. Or, maybe you're unsure if you still want it.

You have betrayed or been betrayed.

You're worried about where your relationship is headed. You are afraid you might break up.

Therapy That Brings Deep and Lasting Healing for Individuals and Couples

I bring 20 years of experience with leading evidence-based approaches to my work as a therapist. I am caring and passionate about my work as a therapist.

I love helping people to leave old patterns behind, find greater meaning and fulfillment, and create more loving relationships.

I have lived the journey of personal healing on a deep level. I understand what it’s like to struggle in life, engage in the hard work of therapy, and come out the other side with a renewed passion for life.

I believe that profound healing and lifelong change occur with therapy approaches that access, not just your thoughts and behaviors, but also the wisdom of your body, your nervous system, and your emotions. These are the skills that I have studied and refined.

Mindfulness is a key aspect of my work and an important element in my personal life. I sometimes use this powerful resource in therapy sessions. I also facilitate Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs

Couples therapy is a niche that I wholeheartedly embrace.  My goal in working with couples is to give them the best chance at finding their way to a loving, respectful, and supportive relationship.  For this reason, I have trained extensively to become a Certified Relational Life Therapist.

My Goal in Therapy is to Help You:

  • Be more compassionate and loving with yourself

  • Feel more confident with others and in your ability to accomplish goals

  • Feel calmer and more at peace

  • Communicate in healthier ways
  • Set boundaries and get your needs met with others
  • Have more rewarding and happier relationships
  • Live with more meaning, purpose, and fulfillment
Yes, you might be feeling discouraged right now. But you can feel better if you’re willing to take the necessary steps to get to a better place. Reaching out to a therapist can be the critical first step.

If you’re here for any of these reasons, I can help.

Individual Therapy

Move from anxiety, pain and confusion ...
feeling secure, confident, and happy.

Couples Therapy

Move from strain, conflict and distance …
deeper love, greater harmony, and warmer connection.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Move from stress, agitation and uncertainty …
self-awareness, inner balance, and peace of mind.
Interviewing Children

Are You Ready to Get on the Road
to More Joy, Ease and Fulfillment?

If so, take the next step...

Contact me to arrange a free no-obligation, 10-minute inquiry call. You can tell me what you need help with, and I’ll explain how I might help you. If we decide to work together, we’ll then book an appointment.

Unsure if Therapy with Me Will Work?

I know you might be nervous about seeking therapy. Or maybe you’re wondering if I am the right therapist for you.

These are perfectly understandable concerns.

That is why I offer a no-charge 10-minute inquiry call, so you can get a sense of me and how I work.

I offer in-person sessions in my Kelowna office and online sessions via a telemedicine platform.