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Couples Therapy: Discover Greater Harmony and Deeper Connection

You CAN Have a Loving Relationship

Couples Therapy CAN help you resolve your struggles and conflict.

Couples Therapy CAN help you have a richer and more enjoyable relationship.

Your relationship is off track. You may be wondering, “where did we go wrong?”

The stress and the struggle have you feeling discouraged.

You’ve tried endlessly to resolve your differences.

BUT you’ve failed...over and over.

The conflict seems to get worse with each passing day.

The icy silence – hours or days go by where you don’t speak to one another.

The constant fighting is hurtful and exhausting.

It’s painful and scary.

BUT you don’t want your relationship to end.

You love your partner, and you’re willing to do what it takes to save it.

You’re hoping couples therapy will help.

Couples therapy is sometimes the ONLY way to repair a painful and damaged relationship.

As a skilled and compassionate couples therapist, I can help you untangle your conflict, understand it’s source, and create a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Using Research-Backed Couples Therapy Approaches, I Can Help You:

  • Understand the real cause of the struggles in your relationship

  • Resolve conflict in a healthy way

  • Rebuild trust and deepen your connection with one another
  • Communicate your needs in a way that your partner can hear

  • Support one another when you’re stressed or hurting
  • Achieve greater intimacy and a more fulfilling sex life
  • Enjoy spending time together
  • Be a stronger parenting team for your children
  • Model a healthy relationship for your children
  • Strengthen your commitment to each other

Relational Life Therapy.

When I work with you and your partner, I will help you understand your “relationship dance” and why you find yourselves stuck in it.

I will show you how each of you contributes to the damaging dance and how to shift into relational living. 

As a Certified Relational Life Therapist, my work with couples is grounded in the philosophy and principles of Relational Life Therapy (founded by Terry Real). 


I will teach you skills that you can use to grow a healthy, respectful, intimate relationship.

Unpacking your negative patterns and discovering what is behind your interactions are the first steps in changing your relationship dynamics.

As your behaviors shift, you will discover yourselves responding more favorably to one another.

You’ll come to understand how to ask for what you want and need.  You'll discover how to support your partner with generosity.

You’ll still have your differences, but you’ll have tools to successfully negotiate your problems with clarity, confidence and compassion.   

You’ll have the faith that you can weather any storm together.

You’ll be able to see that any difficulties you face going forward are opportunities for deeper connection and intimacy.

Imagine feeling safe and relaxed with your partner.

Imagine feeling cared for and loved by your partner, no matter what.

Imagine laughing together more often and doing things that you both enjoy.

Imagine a home filled with harmony where you, your partner and your children feel calm, secure and happy.

Your Next Step:

Contact me to arrange a free, no-obligation 10-minute inquiry call.

I’ll answer any questions you have about working with me. Then, if we decide we're a good fit to work together, we’ll book your first appointment.

I offer couples therapy sessions in-person in my Kelowna office or online via a telemedicine platform.