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Child Interviews

I am a big believer that, when children live in a binuclear family, it is important for those making decisions that will affect the children to ensure that the children’s voices are heard and considered.

One way to have your child’s views heard is with the help of a professional with specific training in interviewing children.

Interviewing children is the art and skill of helping children to feel comfortable enough to share very personal thoughts and feelings about areas of their lives that may be emotionally laden, where they may feel conflicted, and where the stakes with regard to their future may feel quite high.

I have trained extensively with several internationally renowned specialists in the area of children’s participation in family justice processes, including listening to children’s views, interviewing children, developing appropriate parenting plans, parental alienation, child alienation, and creating parallel parenting plans for high conflict families. 

I am a Roster Member of the BC Hear the Child Society.  I continue to study as research in this field unfolds.  

Having interviewed more than two hundred children, I can say with confidence that, given a safe and warm environment and the right questions, most of the children I interview are very capable of, and willing to, present their views.  

I have worked hard to develop my skills in helping children feel comfortable to share their very personal thoughts and feelings about how their life is going, what’s working for them. and what is not. 

Sometimes I help children to express their views through the use of objects and activities, in addition to exploring their world and perspectives through specific questions.

*Please note that my work with children is limited to child interviews. I do not provide counselling services for children.